30Day Fit Challenge Complete

So I made it to the finish line!! My first 30day fit challenge is done and dusted and although I had some missteps along the way, boy do I feel wonderful. Energizing my body with wholefoods really gives me a great boost of energy and happiness. What I’ve learned, is that dieting is not always […]

30Day Fit Challenge: Day 30

I finished my 30day Fit Challenge with a bang. This morning’s workout consisted of body pump, and this afternoon’s workout was sprints. With a shopping spree somewhere in the middle 🙂 I’m off out to celebrate my friend’s birthday tonight and will most likely enjoy a greasy hangover lunch with the girl’s tomorrow. Yummy 😛

30Day Fit Challenge: Day 28

I joined Fuel Training and I’m loving it! So it’s true what they say… that many cross fitters will swank about how incredibly awesome the training is. I don’t blame them. Check out my thoughts below:   Fuel Training Club Address: 45 Camden Street (closest major intersection Spadina Avenue and Adelaide Street West) Star Rating: […]

30day Fit Challenge: Day 12

As soon as I got home from work this evening, I went directly to my apartment gym to do sprints on the treadmill. To me, fast, uber-intense cardio sessions have great benefits. I have learned from past experiences that this workout has really helped my body burn fat. I’m a big believer in HIIT being […]

30day Fit Challenge: Day 11

I woke up bright and early this morning.. well for a Sunday and hit the treadmill in my apartment to do some High Intensity Interval Training fasted cardio. HIIT sprints used to be my go to workout and I think in the past they have really helped me shed my body fat fast. The only […]

30day Fit Challenge: Day 10

Yummy, yummy. Oh boy how I love my avocado and eggs 🙂 Probably two of my favourite foods. The strange thing is I never really liked avocado until about 2 years ago, but I don’t think I ever gave it a chance. After breakfast I headed into the office for a 4hour meeting. I’m finding the […]

30day Fit Challenge: Day 6

Do you ever crave something sweet after dinner? Since I’m not allowed sugar or chocolate for 30 days I have a great little trick to combat my craving! Chocolate Banana Protein Ice-cream Pudding When I get home from the gym in the evening, instead of having a protein shake, I mix up 2 scoops of […]

30day Fit Challenge: Day 4

Sunday is meal prep day. I spent a few hours in the kitchen yet still only managed with 4 meals. Next time I’ll make sure to double up. A little sore today but oh so motivated. I love how healthy eating makes our body feel so amazing 🙂 Today’s Workout Cardio: Pushed myself to do […]



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